Really don’t want to write this page. Have attempted to keep this site in the singular first person, basically writing personal notes, not attempting to write web content in a business – like 3rd person. Simply facts about the music. But it’s hard to avoid this page, if one goes public, you should let others that don’t know who you are, what it is that your about. Could ask another content writer to write this, but that seems slightly inane. There are 3 different paths that encompass my life.

Musical/Art career
Programming/Business career
Spiritual paths

Musical career

Primarily a composer, who happens to play the trumpet. Grew up in Los Angeles, and exposed to high level teachers early in my life. Studied Trumpet with James Stamp for 7 years, Bobby Shew for 3 years, and Bob O’Donnell for a bit. Arranging with Dick Grove(before there was a school), Fred Katz & Tom Ranier. Orchestration with Albert Harris. 20th Century Composition with Lloyd Rogers.  Vocals with Andy Boettner. Completed college and have a BA in Music Education.

As a composer/arranger, started a Band called “Turbulence” with David Crigger in the 70’s. The band featured other young Hollywood studio musicians at the time, David Crigger – Drums, Leon Gaer – Bass, Steve Bartek and David Storrs – Guitars, Mike Turner – Percussion, Phil Ayling – Reeds, Michael Morera – Tenor Sax, Bob Carr – Baritone Sax, Lou Korell – French Horn, Al Kaplan – Trombone, Rich Bullock – Bass Trombone,  Gil Rathel or Danny Ackerman – Trumpet, and myself on Trumpet. Turbulence performed at a wide range of concerts sponsored at the time via the Hollywood Musicians Union.

Wrote commissioned big band compositions and arrangements for Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton College, Golden West College, Long Beach State, Cerritos College and Bobby Shew. Was a staff arranger at the Los Angeles Music Center. Arrangements for Michael Wycoff and a variety of other unknown artists. Arrangements for Toni Basil with David Storrs for several shows over several years, recorded by Warner Brothers, and performed live on Saturday Night Live & Merv Griffin shows. Meditation pieces for producer David Kershenbaum. Enough of that.

As a trumpet player, on a lot of albums produced by Willie Hutch, for Motown, and other labels. Trumpet in Toni Basil band. Lead and solo in a variety of Los Angeles big bands. Quit Mystic Knights of “Oingo Boingo” after only several months, (they weren’t making any money at the time). 8 years on the road with Vegas group Dae Han Sisters, playing Trumpet, Keyboards, and telling jokes between tunes. Vast array of Mexican Bands in LA, Dick Dodd, the Righteous Brothers Band. Probably forgetting a lot of stuff here.

Produced several albums for the Dae Han Sisters, and wrote all music. Was the manager of the Dae Han Sisters for probably 12 years. The band worked 44 weeks a year on the road, 6 nights a week all over US, Canada and Mexico.

With the Dae Han Sisters, came 8 years of live experience with Keyboards, and Synthesizers. In 1976 David Storrs loaned me an Arp 2600 for the summer and I figured out how it worked. Played for years with ancient Analog Synths, then Digital.  8 years of mixing live sound. Currently only write and arrange on computer based systems. Have been working with computer based music software since the first Atari’s, IBM’s and then Mac’s. Built a surround sound mixing room and studio in Vermont.

Recently completed mixing, the Ynot Project, with David Criggger – Drums, Steve Bartek – Guitar, Leon Gaer – Bass, Andy West – Bass, Steve Kaplan – Keyboards, Shelby Daniel – Vocals and the Grace Project, Craig Pallett – Trumpet, Keyboards, Steve Kaplan – Acoustic Piano, and Joaquin Lievano – Guitar. Live performance with the group Zazen.

Currently writing new compositions for Michael Morera and myself to record, and perhaps play live. Recent roughs are in a recent post.

Programming/Business career

In 1987 decided to switch my career to programming computers for a living. Worked for 2 years in Los Angeles, then moved to New York to become a computer consultant. In 1991 started Affinity Systems, Inc.

Thought that the computer career would let me stay in one place, ended up moving all over the US, New York, Boston, Chicago, Delaware, Brooklyn, Costa Mesa, Palo Alto, Santa Barbara, and now Vermont. Have worked for Home Insurance, New York Life, New England Telephone(Verizon), NYNEX, Chase Credit Cards, Marten Transport, Eclipse Technologies, and John Hancock. I currently earn my keep as a Senior Technology Consultant to John Hancock, programming, designing and managing projects.

Started JazzMedia.org with Chris Demers & Ann Bumpus. Developed a number of web sites, and ecommerce sites for a variety of clients. Recently have been attracted to Video editing, and other types of Video/Image processing.

Currently editing and producing instructional videos of talks by Halevi, with Chris Demers director/producer and Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi producer. Also opening US operations in Boston for AEB Services.

Spiritual paths

I have been blessed to be a student of the following teachers.

Paul Reps – (1895-1990) – author of:
“Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”, “Zen Telegrams”, “Letters to a friend: Writings & Drawings, 1939 to 1980”, “Gold Fish Signatures”, “Square Sun, Square Moon”, “Sit In: What it is Like”, “Let Good Fortune Jump on You”, “Big Bath: Poems”, “Unwrinkling Plays”, “Ten Ways to Meditate”, “Be! New Uses for the Human Instrument”, “Juicing: Words and Brushwork”

Dr. Frederick Lenz – (1950- 1998) – author of:
“Surfing the Himalayas”, “Snowboarding to Nirvana”, “Lifetimes, True Accounts of Reincarnation”, “How to Meditate”, “Insights – Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life””, “Insights – Talks on the Nature of Existence”, “Tantric Buddhism”

Sri Gary Olsen – author of:
MasterPath: The Divine Science of Light and Sound (Vol. 1-4)

Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi – author of:
“Introduction to Cabala: Tree of Life.”, “The Way of Kabbalah.”, “The Work of the Kabbalist.”, “Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree.”, “Kabbalah and Exodus.”, “A Kabbalistic Universe”, “Psychology and Kabbalah.”, “School of the Soul.”, “The Anointed.” , “Astrology: The Celestial Mirror.”, “Kabbalah: Tradition of Hidden Knowledge.”, “Astrology and Kabbalah.”, “The Anatomy of Fate.”, “Kabbalah: The Divine Plan.”

Basically a Buddhist, who studies Kabbalah with Halevi currently when I can get to London.
On occasion I give talks on meditation.