Piano Trio 1 – VCFA New Music Trio

Craig Pallett – Piano Trio 1
I. March Absurdo
II. Fado Portugal
III. Finale Grande

Vermont College of Fine Arts New Music Trio
Jennifer Choi – violin
Yves Dharamraj – cello
Stephen Gosling – piano

Tuesday February 11, 2014
College Hall Chapel
Vermont College of Fine Arts

Colin J. McCaffrey – Live Sound & Audio Recording
Elizabeth Parker – Camera 1
Jessica Collado – Camera 2

John Mallia – Guidance
Craig Pallett – Video Editing and Audio Mix
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New Video Works – February 2014

Just completed two new videos associated with my first semester at Vermont College of Fine Arts Masters program. This term had the pleasure of working with John Mallia on the new Piano Trio, which will be posted eventually, and these two works created in the last Month.

Signals 0 1
Utilizes 6 de-constructed public domain videos, that I edited and combined with electronics and trumpet. It was presented on Feb 9th at the VCFA Electronics night.

This is the draft of a Mixed Media piece for Harry Partch Instruments and a Brass Quintet. I de-constructed a public domain 1952 news reel footage of a Harry Partch performance at Mills College, and mixed in some Partch Instruments from the American Mavericks web site, with a new Brass Quintet. Right now the Brass Quintet is Midi.

This piece is designed to be performed live, with the video projected behind the Brass Quintet Performance. At some point will record a live quintet, but will wait until I have another piece for quintet before finishing this.

New Videos created for Little River Hotglass

Recently completed 4 new videos for Little River Hotglass Studio in Stowe Vermont, as a part of a web site redesign that was just launched today. 4 new quick videos for the client, utilizing a few musical segments that I recently have been working on.

You can support this artist by visiting his site http://www.littleriverhotglass.com/

The following is a video using a photo sequence that was on the site, that I quickly moved into a video format.

This video contains a recent shoot, and describes Little River’s Paperweights

A live demonstration of blowing a perfume bottle. Features 3 of my recent works(Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam) including a performance by Michael Morera and myself on Stockholm.

Another Video about the history of Perfume Bottles