Turbulence 1977

Turbulence 1975 – recorded at Music Grinder Studios, Composition – Craig Pallett, Leon Gaer bass solo, Michael Morera Sax solo. David Crigger – drums, Steve Bartek, David Storrs – Guitars, Phil Alying, Bob Carr – Saxes, George Thatcher, Doug Wintz – trombones, Danny Ackerman, Craig Pallett – Trumpets, Lou Korell – French Horn. David was kind enough to recently transfer this song from analog tape……


David Crigger recently scanned in a few pictures from 1977 – Hollywood, CA,  Pilgrimage Theater, known now as John Anson Ford Theater. 

In the photo Michael Morera, Phil Alying , Bob Carr, Craig Pallett, Lou Korell David Crigger, Gil Rathel, Brien Matson, Leon Gaer, Rich Bullock, Steve Bartek, David Storrs

Exquisite – Malcolm McNab

Have been listening lately to the most amazing trumpet performance.
Appears that this CD has been out for a few years, but I just heard about it a few weeks ago.
It’s called Exquisite by Malcolm McNab.

The Violin Concerto of Tchaikovsky is the most incredible trumpet performance I have heard. 

Malcolm is one of the top LA studio musicians. He is also a fellow student of my teacher James Stamp. I never met Malcolm when studying with Jimmy, but Jimmy always mentioned him to me, as a point of reference.  I did meet Malcolm in 2000 when Steve Bartek invited me to the session for a movie called “Snow Day”. Malcolm was the only trumpet in a 75 piece orchestra. I enjoyed our conversation at the time, though I don’t remember much about it.