Walt Whitman Songbook – Zoom discussions with Musicians

Vermont College of Fine Arts asked me to participate in a Fund raising event called ‘Art and Connection’, to present my Walt Whitman Songbook in May 2021. Originally I was going to premiere my 30 minute video of ‘A Song of the Rolling Earth’, then decided that no one wants to watch a 30 minute music video for the event, and felt the event would be better served by featuring some on the vocalists and musicians who participated. Since I did make a point of asking only VCFA Music Composition graduates to sing on the album, it only seem right to allow the students and musicians to speak. So I ended up creating this 72 minute video based on Zoom interviews I conducted with any of the participants that expressed interest.

Full 72 minute video of the VCFA Walt Whitman Presentation. Walt Whitman Songbook – Zoom Discussions with Musicians Updated participants list.

All participants are being asked 4 questions.

1.) Please introduce yourself.
2.) Were you familiar with Whitman before the project?
3.) Can you discuss some of your process (interpretation, technique, technical etc..) used to record your part?
4.) Your main takeaways from contributing to the project?

Special Guests (non-VCFA)
Steve Bartek(Film Composer/Guitarist) ,
David Crigger(Drums/Percussion) and Leon Gaer(Bass) .

VCFA Graduates
Dawn Clement (MC ’15),
Jessica Muñiz-Collado (MC ’14),
Marjorie Halloran (MC ’15),
Mario Inchausti (MC ’18),
Philip W. Riegle (MC ’17),
Peter Spencer (MC ’13),
Michael Garrett Steele (MC ’16)

Quick Hello from Craig
Who Ever You Are- Dawn Clement – David Crigger – Craig Pallett
Who Ever You Are – Video
Laws for Creations – Garrett Steele – Marjorie Halloran – Craig Pallett
Laws for Creations – Video Premiere
I Swear – Mario Inchausti – Leon Gaer – Steve Bartek – David Crigger – Craig Pallett
I Swear – Video
Amelioration – Philip Riegle – Craig Pallett
Amelioration – Video
On the Beach Alone at Night – Peter Spencer – Jessic Collado – Craig Pallett
On the Beach at Night Alone – Video Premiere

Laws for Creations (feat. Marjorie Halloran & Michael Garrett Steele) – New Video

Created a new video for the Walt Whitman Presentation Details below.

Vocals – Marjorie Halloran & Michael Garrett Steele
Percussion Performance and Arrangement – Craig Pallett
Halloran vocals recorded/engineered by Craig Pallett in February 2020 Montpelier, VT
Composed by Craig Pallett
Text by Walt Whitman
Copyright 2020 Affinity Systems (BMI)
Based on the 2019 Songbook of the same title available on Amazon. Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered – Craig Pallett

Meditations for Violin TURNmusic Release Party Video

June 24th 2020
40 minute video created for the May 15th 2020 – Mary Rowell ‘Meditations for Violin’ release party. Full high resolution version, used by TURNmusic for the online event. First 10 minutes is a placeholder which allows viewers time to logon and access.

Mary Rowell & Craig Pallett – Meditations for Violin – Release Party – TURNMusic from Affinity Systems on Vimeo.