Grace Project

The Grace of Your Love.

This project originally consisted of 5 pieces for Trumpet and Acoustic Piano. These pieces were written in 2000,  for a spiritual teacher at the time, and were composed to eventually play live at an event by Steve Kaplan and myself. We ended up recording these tracks live at Steve Kaplan’s Malibu Studio one afternoon in October 2000.

Steve Kaplan was one of the best studio keyboardist’s in LA for years. In the 80’s and 90’s was in demand 5 days a week, playing on movie and TV scores, and a wide variety of commercial albums. In the 90’s he secured the composer role for the 2 most popular game shows on TV, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. He was also one of the primary members of a band called Zazen. I originally met Steve when David Crigger replaced our entire horn section with Steve playing all the parts when I went on the road in 1980. I used Steve’s talents as a studio musician on many records and demos I produced in the 1980’s. Steve died in a plane crash in 2003, flying his own plane to a premier of a new composition being performed.

His death, was a chilling reminder to all of us who knew him. Steve and I both studied with the same (two) uniquely different spiritual teachers for many years. I regard him as a spiritual and musical brother, and miss him deeply. This project is dedicated to him.

The 5 pieces recorded with Steve Kaplan, totalling only 25 minutes, needed something else to complete as a project. In 2003 I created a 60 minute sound-scape for a guided mediation piece. The work featured 2 25 minute pieces, and a 13 minute piece, now on-line called the Pavilion.  I decided to break up one of the 25 minute pieces into 5 segments, and surround the Kaplan compositions with these segments. 

I am currently in-process of loading these videos, as created to this site.