Journey 2 B

Journey 2b is represents Binah in Kabbalistic Terms. The upper realms of the spiritual world. It features Joaquin Lievano on Guitar, and myself on Keyboards. I was very familiar with Joaquin’s playing, first through the group Zazen, and later several of his own albums. I actually didn’t personally know Joaquin very well, but asked him if he would like to play on a track for this CD and he responded with this performance. Since then I was fortunate to play Trumpet and Flugelhorn with him and the group Zazen last year at a Buddhist conference in Western Mass. after several rehearsals in New York, somehow managing to substitute for Bass Player Andy West who couldn’t make it.  It was an interesting event, sponsored by the Frederick Lenz Foundation, and I had the opportunity to meet many students who I haven’t seen in years. Many of them didn’t realize that I actually played anything…… Sometimes it is best to keep the past shielded when you are looking for change. As one of my teachers, Paul Reps, used to say to me, “the past is just lies”.

The video – This is all the visionary art work of Chris Demers. I simply compiled and edited the frames.