The Grace of Your Love

The Grace of Your Love. Basically this is a church hymn dedicated to the divine in us all. Originally written for a teacher I was studying with at the time, who taught Surat Shabda Yoga, which one definition can be described in English as “Union of the Sound Current and Soul”.

This is the primary tune of the Grace project, and in Kabbalistic terms represents DAAT. It features Steve Kaplan on Acoustic Piano, and myself on Trumpet. Recorded at Steve Kaplan’s studio in Malibu in Oct. 2000.
I decided at some point to play this tune, in this fashion on the Trumpet. I am actually whispering into the trumpet. A Coles Ribbon mic is jammed directly into the the bell of the horn. There is a certain innocence about this sound that I was looking for, and it was really really hard to play in this fashion. Simply breathing and pushing air lightly into a piece of brass.

All Video Imagery is the work of Chris Demers.