Warren Kenton – Jan 8 1933 – Sep 21 2020

My Spiritual teacher/mentor/advisor and friend, for the last 20 years, Warren Kenton, died this Monday September 21st at the age of 87 in London. He is more widely known as ‘Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi’ and is the author of 14 or more books on Kabbalah. I am so fortunate to have had his guidance at this stage of my life. He was the real deal.

Warren on a bench at Hawkwood College

I met Warren for the first time at the Open Center in NYC, in 2001. Chris had known him for years and invited me to a talk. What I remember from the encounter is, I simply told him I was a Buddhist, and asked him if I could study Kabbalah with him. Before this meeting, I actually didn’t have a clue as to what Kabbalah is. This was the beginning of many adventures to London and the UK.

Chris and I would regularly attend his Kabbalistic Summer School, held yearly in the English countryside at Hawkwood College in the Cotswolds, and would normally visit him at his London home each time we were in the UK. We had just purchased a new Pro Sony video camera, and we started taping his talks, maybe one or two each summer, all the while attending these talks as participants. We also taped other talks, in Boston, Vermont and Mexico. In 2010 Warren gave us permission to tape the entire summer school. By that time we were using 2 cameras and a Zoom mic. Warren would normally give 15-16 lectures over a 5 day period. This ended up being a massive task, since we were also attending, and the end result was over 50 hours of recordings. This was edited by us in 2011 and I created an online subscription site to view this video content. It is still online at http://kabbalahsocietyvideo.com/ We also started interviewing Warren in his London house, and many of his students and other events until 2013. We are currently working on a documentary about him.

Warren Kenton at Hawkwood

Until recently, for the last 14 years, I have been the webmaster and programmer for his organizations web site Kabbalah Society International . Chris and I also formatted and created all 15 of the Kindle editions of his work at Amazon . So between editing videos, formatting electronic versions of his book, and actually attending lectures, I probably know more about Kabbalah than I did 20 years ago.

I am going to miss Warren a lot on a physical level, but I’m sure he was ready for his next adventure. Much love to his wife Rebekah, and all his other students. I look forward to continuing to edit this new film about him, which will be a constant reminder of his teachings.