1000 Miles

Here in Vermont, every town seems to be 8 miles away. When your in Elko Nevada, every town seems to be 1,000 miles. Honestly the tune’s about Miles Davis. Conceptually the track deals with two dimensions of half and double time overlayed and ended up being a pain to mix.

David Crigger originally recorded the live slow drums, then modified the time layer so that the drums are an octave lower. He then recorded the live fast drums at tempo. Leon Gaer added the slow bass part. Then Steve Kaplan recorded both the Live Acoustic Piano solo, and a slow accompaning piano part. Steve Kaplan also recorded a fast MIDI bass part. David Crigger, and myself then mixed the Kaplan fast part, and my original fast bass recording into what sounds like a very fast acoustic bass player. David Crigger also highly edited the Steve Kaplan acoustic piano solo performance. Steve Bartek added both electric and 12 string guitars, and I ended up playing trumpet on the track.

Tracks were recorded at my studio in Santa Barbara, David Crigger’s studio in North Hollywood, Steve Kaplans studio in Thousand Oaks(maybe I got the title from there….)Steve Bartek’s studio in LA and Leon Gaer’s in Sydney.  David Crigger co-produced and did some major digital audio editing of the performances.

The Video. This is actually the first YNOT video I created.