Dawn in Burma

Steve Bartek pushed this track to an entirely new level. Originally this track was a 5 minute meditation piece. When I received the Guitar Tracks from Steve Bartek, I was completely blown away. He recorded this incredible guitar performance over my original synth tracks, and Leon Gaer playing bass melodies and bass dobro. That was it, and I receive this other worldly performance. 

Andy West added some low bass parts, then I recorded live trumpet and David Crigger’s live drums.

Recorded at David Crigger’s North Hollywood Studio, Steve Bartek’s studio in LA, Leon Gaer Studio in Sydney, and my Santa Barbara studio.

The Video – I am deeply connected to Buddhist Monks all over the world. The courage of the Monks in Burma cannot be expressed in words. These images were taken from news events at the time, which seemed the best way to express this, without words. Blessings to all.