Did I forget something? (Ray Conniff)

Did I forget something Ray Conniff? I grew up in a house filled with Ray Conniff records. Enough said about that. This wacky track features, Steve Bartek on Guitars, Leon Gaer on Bass, Drums by David Crigger and myself, and Shelby Daniel on Vocals. All other parts are me.

Recorded at David Crigger’s North Hollywood studio, Steve Bartek’s LA studio, Leon Gaer’s Syndey studio, Shelby Daniel, recorded and engineered by Steve Kaplan at his Mailbu studio.

Video – Started off being a Ray Conniff thing. That bored me, so changed it out, and decided to put both my influences, and teachers on line. Teachers, Bobby Shew, James Stamp, Don Ellis, Fred Katz and Lloyd Rodgers. Rest highly influenced my early music skills. Picture of David Crigger’s and my big band called “Turbulence” etc.. etc.. etc…