This track features Steve Bartek on Guitars, David Crigger on Electronic and Live Percussion, Electronic Drums, and a live drum performance.  The initial melody is played by Leon Gaer on Bass. Andy West later added what feels like an Irish Jig Bass part. The Guitar solo interludes created by Steve Bartek, feature Andy West on Bass, and David Crigger’s live drums. I am pretty much playing all of the keyboard and synth parts.

The tracks were recorded at David Crigger’s studio in North Hollywood, Steve Bartek’s studio in LA, Leon Gaer’s studio in Sydney, Australia,  Andy West’s studio in Scottsdale, and my studio in Santa Barbara at the time. 

The original tracks were produced by Craig Pallett and David Crigger.  

The video intersperses, a video by Chris Demers of Andy West recording the part, Digital Video segments created by Chris Demers, and Variety of my Videos and Photo imagery.