This track used to be a mellow meadering tune. Once again, Steve Bartek took it into outer space. Thinking back on this, I think I originally wrote this tune for Dr. Frederick Lenz for some sort of project, and it wasn’t used. Steve Bartek is playing Guitars, David Crigger, ethnic drums, electronic drums, and live drums. Ended up using Andy West’s bass performance, Synths by Steve Kaplan, and vocals by Shelby Daniel. At the end, I ended up playing trumpet melody parts.

Tracks were recorded at David Crigger’s North Hollywood studio, Steve Bartek’s LA studio, Shelby and Steve were recorded at Steve Kaplan’s Malibu studio, Andy West at my Santa Barbara studio, and the Trumpets were recorded at my new Vermont studio. 

The Video – Original idea was a warrior walking along a desert lake with a long walking stick. Never found or could create that image. These images are photos I took one day in Oct 2007 of the Pond on the other side of the hill from my house here in Vermont. Nikon D-50, video was created using Imaginate.