On the Beach at Night Alone (feat. Peter Spencer) – New Video

Another new video based on the Walt Whitman Songbook, from the new album by Craig Pallett.

From the Album ‘Walt Whitman Songbook’
Poem by Walt Whitman
Composed – Craig Pallett
Vocals – Peter Spencer
Percussion Performance and Arrangement – Jessica Collado
All Programming/Keyboards/Arrangement – Craig Pallett
Vocals recorded/engineered by Craig Pallett in August 2019 Montpelier, VT

Video Composite – Craig Pallett
Video Content – Pixabay, Peter Spencer, Craig Pallett

Copyright 2020 Affinity Systems (BMI)
Based on the 2019 Songbook of the same title available on Amazon.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered – Craig Pallett