Out of content – out of context

I’m back.
Back where I started with this web site.
Finally looking at what needs to be done,
filled in,
pulled out,
in order
to present
both new directions for myself and music that I am currently creating.

I decided to go back to school, and get a Masters Degree in Music Composition.
Lots of new works, sketches, performances, scores, rehearsals, considerations, communications and instructions leading to one planned outcome, besides getting a Masters. I have avoided writing about this, and communicating much about what is going on, other than small glimpses and postings in Facebook, which is really not very public at all.

So for almost 3 years, other than posting new material on the home page, have not put an ounce of focus on this web site, and have stayed quit and mum. Finishing school, really doesn’t change my working life, I still work contracts for large corporations, building back end business systems. Has nothing to do with that work. But it does have everything to do with my passion, which is creating music.

At school, I decided the primary focus of my masters degree, was to create an actual album. Use my own name, and have it be simply compositions. What emerged from this decision, was to create an album called “Ensembles”. The album is now in the post production phase, everything is recorded (well for the most part). Several pieces have just completed final mixing, and I am organizing, sharing, a variety of file types to a wide range of mixers/producers/engineers who are currently spending time helping me prepare this work for release.

Half the time I feel like I am the librarian of my ever evolving computer filing system. I work as a bloody analyst, programmer and architect involving unimaginable documentation. Yet my own filing systems, are always evolving. What complicates matters more, is that I have become highly fluent in too many software programs. Right now interacting with various participants, using Sibelius, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, and building visuals using Adobe software. All this is needed for me to compose and create audio and video content that I can distribute. Each of these packages does some things great and better than another, use one for creating this type of material, the other to create something else in a different way. I’ve been using this type of software for way to long. Each package has it’s own formats, and sharing projects between them at times become slightly complicated, the larger the projects become.

Also the entire distributed world, that exists outside my desktops and hard drives. Managing content, for music participants, what is private and public, how it is organized and eventually presented, along with associated meta data, tags and descriptions. Way to librarian for me… At times seems like it has very little to do with actually composing music. So the composer now needs to be the producer.

At any rate, this is just the start of a revamp of my web site. The start of adding new content.

Going to start writing articles that talk about the process of creating this new album called Ensembles.

more to come…