Tantra – YNOT Project – Process

The YNOT project is a concept group of musical pieces I created using linear textures. Selected to allow other musicians to create responses to previously recorded material.

  • Craig Pallett – All Compositions, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, EVI, Keyboards, Arrangements, Producer, Audio Recording/Mixing, all Videos.
  • David Crigger – Drums, Midi Programming, Audio Recording/Mixing, Arrangements, Producer.
  • Steve Bartek – Guitar all tracks.
  • Leon Gaer – Bass, Fretless Bass, Piccolo Bass, Bass Dobro
  • Andy West – Bass, Fretless Bass
  • Steve Kaplan – Acoustic Piano, Synths, Vocal Recording
  • Shelby Daniel – Vocals
  • Susan Otzen – Harp

You can leave the player below running, and listen to all the tunes in their entirety.

The Process

The process started with sessions at David Crigger’s studio in North Hollywood. I brought in 22 compositions. David and I listened, discussed, and selected 10 compositions for the project.  These pieces were all composed using MIDI software.

David then started adding Electronic drums, replacing my original performances with his own, using entirely MIDI triggered drum events and samples for the first round. Then mixes of these performances were sent off to Australia, and Bassist Leon Gaer recorded an initial layer of Bass parts, utilizing both Fretted and Fretless Basses, a Bass Dobro and Piccolo Bass.

At this time in the process, we are working with Digital ADAT tapes. Once we received Leon’s bass recordings, we scheduled an afternoon with Steve Kaplan. David hauled his ADAT machine over to Steve’s Thousand Oaks house/studio, and we recorded Steve on Acoustic Piano, and a vast array of synths.

Andy West was in Santa Barbara, and recorded a number of Bass tracks in my studio. Steve Bartek worked on the guitar parts over a period of a year, sending me a couple of tunes at a time, as he found time to complete the tracks.

Around 2000 David Crigger started recording Live Drums over the other tracks. Steve Kaplan recorded his wife, Shelby Daniel’s vocals in his new Malibu studio at the time.  In 2001 visited Andy West at his Scottsdale studio and recorded additional Bass tracks. It took me almost 5 years to get around to mixing this music. Right now, there are another 3 tunes which I have put on hold for the time being.

So this is the construct of the YNOT project.