Turbulence – Being Free

From David Crigger’s Youtube channel

Turbulence – a large ensemble, jazz fusion band led by drummer, David Crigger, and trumpeter, Craig Pallett performed in the Los Angeles area throughout the mid to late 70’s. “Being Free” was part of a demo recording that Turbulence recorded at Music Grinder Studio in the fall of 1976.

  • Michael Morera – Soprano and Tenor Saxophones (solo)
  • Bob Carr – Soprano and Baritone Saxophones
  • Danny Ackerman – Trumpet
  • Craig Pallett – Trumpet (solo)
  • Lou Korell – French Horn
  • Doug Wintz – Trombone (solo)
  • George Thatcher – Bass Trombone
  • Steve Bartek – Guitar (solo)
  • Dave Storrs – Guitar
  • Leon Gaer – Bass
  • David Crigger – Drums
  • Composed and arranged by David Crigger
  • Music remix and video production by David Crigger