Ensembles – Wide Awake

Currently working on new mixes to prepare for an upcoming recording session with Fung Chern Hwei.
So stripping out a lot of earlier recorded material to make way for the violin.
Improv Part
Wide-Awake-Session – Solo Violin

Other Parts if needed
Wide-Awake-Session – Electric Violin Ostinato
WideAwake-String Pad
WideAwake- Cello Pad
Wide-Awake-Session – Vln-Finger Cymbals
June 24 Mixes for Recording session
Minimal mix with basic quartet for recording

June 24 mix with extra orchestrations added, Strings, Brass, Flute

This is the current Lead Sheet for this piece.
Wide Awake – Lead Sheet
One of many versions of the overall score
Wide-Awake – Full Score

This version feature a recent re-record 2 weeks ago, by Leon Gaer, who re-recorded the bass past that fits with the Guitar Solo by Steve Bartek, and the Big Drums by David Crigger, now in the mix.
Current mix as of 6-12-2015

Craig Pallett · Wide Awake – Crigger – Rough-New Edits

The following was mixed in 2014, and is just the Steve Bartek Guitar Solos, with David Crigger Drums and Leon Gaer Bass
Submix pulled from un mixed material.

Craig Pallett · Wide Awake – SubLayer – Power Trio

This is a 2005 mix – With many of the original pads, synths, and other materials.

Craig Pallett · Wide Awake