A variety of uploaded musical performances(unreleased material).


August 5, 2015 VCFA -Live performance of Tiferet Suite for String Quartet.
Mary Rowell, Jennifer Choi, Katie Kresek, and Wendy Law.
Tiferet Suite:
Heart Strings
Grace of Your Love
Mi corazón anora

Carousel – Wheel of Life/Wheel of Fortune for Sax Quartet – Rough Mix of the Premier performance
Feb 11 2015 VCFA
Saxophones – Ken Thomson, Ed Rosenberg, Peter Hess, Alex Hamlin

Ynot Project – Rough and Recent Mixes

Video Soundscapes – Used short segments for a variety of videos

2010 Roughs Pallett/Morera Project

Album – Ambient One

Vocal Demos 1986

Cassette Copy

Dae Han Sisters Album

Cassette copy

Yong EP 1983 – Co-production – Composer

Turbulence – Music Grinder Studios 1975

Cassette Copy

Turbulence Live Pilgrimage/John Anson Ford Theatre, April 16 1978

This playlist contains the full 90 minute Turbulence concert recorded at the Pilgrimage/John Anson Ford Theatre. This is a direct transfer from a cassette.
All Compositions by David Crigger , Craig Pallett and George Duke.
Musicians at this concert: David Crigger – Drums, Leon Gaer – Bass, Steve Bartek , David Storrs – Guitars, Alan Kaplan , Rich Bullock – Trombones, Lou Korell – French Horn, Danny Ackerman, Craig Pallett – Trumpets, Phil Alying, Bob Carr, Michael Morera -Saxes

Turbulence – Live Concerts – 1978 – 1979 – Cassette Quality

Cassette copy